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Happy New Year from Energeia Boot Camp!

Energeia Boot Camp Receives 2011 Best of Campbell Award 

The US Commerce Association Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses that serve their local market. Each year, they identify companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

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Energeia Boot Camp's Indoor Studio and Weight Management Clinic Coming this month to Los Gatos!

Energeia is kicking off the New Year with a Brand New Location in Downtown Los Gatos! Stay tuned... We will be announcing our Grand Opening very soon! Our new indoor studio, weight management clinic and business offices in Lyndon Plaza, Los Gatos are nearly complete. Get ready for indoor fitness including TRX Suspension Training, Plank Boot Camp, Yoga Boot Camp with the highly respected yoga expert, Shelby Bearschild; Customized one-on-one meal planning, comprehensive fitness assessments, bioimpedance body fat analysis, life coaching workshops with the acclaimed Susan Liddy and many more nutrition specific seminars. Plus, fitness fashionistas beware, we will launch our exclusive fitness line, Margarita Activewear from Israel and an extrordinary line of handmade gym bags from Custom bags by BFF.

Weight Management Services and Comprehensive Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessments*

Energeia's members will now have access to comprehensive body composition analysis. These assessments will include weigh-ins, measurements and body fat analysis using the sophisticated method of bioimpedance analysis. Bioimpedance analysis will assess fat weight, lean weight, basal metabolic rate, and hydration status.  We will also assess your fitness levels in flexibility, cardio recovery and strength using the American Council of Sports Medicine's (ACSM) testing guidelines. This information allows you and your trainer to track and monitor your progress and will keep you motivated and inspired throughout the Energeia Boot Camp program! 

Weight Management Services*

Energeia's weight management services begin with an initial consultation to collect personal profile data about your current body composition, goals, professional activity, exercise activity, and eating habits. From this data we will provide the following:

  • Estimated number of calories you typically consume
  • Identify deficiencies in vitamins and minerals
  • Estimated calories needed to meet your personal weight control goals
  • Provide meal plans and grocery lists designed to meet your health and fitness goals
  • Establish a realistic date to reach your targeted body weight goal

Services available beginning January 1st 2012
*Additional cost to membership fees
** 4 fitness assessments and bioimpedance included with all access annual memberships 

Energeia Registration

You must be registered online through the website in order to participate in any Energeia Boot Camp class.  This includes trial members and free introductory classes.  Please contact the office at (408) 337-2673 if you have any questions or need assistance with the online registration process.

Energeia Boot Camp Forms a Limited Liability Corporation

Energeia Boot Camp has dissolved its general partnership and formed Energeia Fitness, LLC.  Energeia now operates in Saratoga, Los Gatos, Santa Clara and Campbell. New locations are planned in Cupertino and Mountain View in early 2012.

10 Scientifically Proven Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Proven Tip #1: Control Your Portions

Less than 20 years ago, a standard cup of coffee with whole milk and sugar measured in at 8 ounces and 45 calories. Today, many java junkies have replaced that cup with a Starbucks 16-ounce Grande Mocha Frappuccino,which weighs in at a whopping 380 calories( To burn all those extra calories would require almost an hour of moderately intense exercise. Successful weight “losers” control their food portions. In fact, research suggests portion control is the greatest predictor of successful weight loss. 

  • Read nutrition labels
  • Carefully measure out servings
  • Eat only a single helping
  • Use smaller serving dishes
  • Resist the urge to clean your plate.

Proven Tip #2: Be Mindful When Eating

Many people turn to food when they are bored or stressed out. Not only should you pay attention to everything you eat, but ask yourself why you are heading to the fridge or pantry. Are you really motivated by hunger, or are you just bored, stressed out, or tired! Emotional eating can sabotage a well-planned weight management program.

Proven Tip #3: Exercise Regularly

Fitness is key in losing weight and keeping those pounds off. More than 94% of participants who succeeded in their goals in the National Weight Control Registry increased their rate of physical activity (NWCR 2007). And for those who kept the weight off, exercise was also crucial. This was evident because the registry participants who dropped out of fitness programs ended up putting the pounds back on (NWCR 2007). Remember, as people lose weight, a proportion of each pound comes from muscle; that, in turn, slows down the metabolism and makes it difficult to keep the weight off. Although cardiovascular exercise is important for burning calories, be sure to add resistance training to preserve lean tissue and keep up your metabolic rate.

Proven Tip #4: Check the Scale and Monitor Your Body Fat

While it is not advisable to become obsessive about weight to the nearest 0.01 pound, people who maintain their weight loss do so by keeping periodic tabs on the scale, weighing themselves at least once per week. This way they are able to identify small weight increases in time to take appropriate corrective action (NWCR 2007). Periodic body fat testing is also extremely helpful.  Your body is made of water, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, and fat. Too much fat, particularly at the waist, puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Understanding your total body fat as well as the distribution of fat throughout your body is a helpful tool in tracking fat loss over time.

Proven Tip #5: Eat Breakfast

More than 75% of the NWCR participants eat breakfast daily; only 4% never do. And research suggests that breakfast eaters weigh less and suffer from fewer chronic diseases than people who skip breakfast.

Proven Tip #6: Monitor Your Food Intake
One of the strongest predictors of successful and maintained lifestyle change is monitoring dietary intake. While it can be tedious to keep a daily food log, research has shown that this practice is a highly effective and proven strategy.

Download the following app and start tracking your food and exercise habits today!  It’s easy to use and proven to help achieve weight loss:

Proven Tip #7: Turn off the Television

I dumped my television long ago and although I am never up on the latest entertainment news, I also know that time spent watching TV is time spent being completely sedentary. Sedentary activity equates to expending minimal amounts of calories and often eating, as well. Most people mindlessly consume snacks while mesmerized in front of the television, not noticing the rapidly multiplying calorie intake. Case in point: The successful NWCR “losers” watched less than 10 hours of television per week.

Proven Tip #8: Retrain Your Brain

Interestingly, most people who have lost and kept off the most weight tend to be “lower left” brained, meaning they are organized, controlled, methodical and disciplined. This is not to say that those of us who thrive on spontaneity or embrace clutter are doomed- it’s just a matter of retraining our brains. Become better organized by writing a grocery list and sticking to it! Plan your workout schedule for the next week and make a commitment to stick to it. These efforts will help solidify your lifestyle change and make permanent weight loss more of a reality.

Proven Tip #9: Start Today and Don’t Cheat

There’s no better time than now to start losing weight. It’s easy to put off starting a serious lifestyle change to a later date. Likewise, it’s easy to “cheat” and eat an extra piece of cake here, and a couple slices of pizza there. It’s important to be diligent when attempting to lose weight, because people who don’t cheat on a regular basis are 150% more likely to maintain their weight loss. Adopt a realistic healthy lifestyle you can stick with; this will reduce those compelling urges to unwittingly sabotage your weight management success.

Proven Tip #10: Know that Obesity Spreads through Social Ties

A study of 12,067 people followed over 32 years concluded that obesity spreads through social ties. That is, obese people tend to have obese friends. Pairs of friends and siblings of the same sex seem to have the most profound effect on each other’s weight loss. Some researchers suspect that the spread of obesity has a lot to do with an individual’s general perception of the social norms regarding the acceptability of obesity. You can reverse this psychological phenomenon by inviting your friends and family members to workout with you.