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Sports Nutrition Workshop
"Make Sure Your Body Can Go As Far As Your Mind!"
Ten Nutrition Habits of Athletes
Sunday, August 5th
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Energeia Fitness Studio
Downtown Los Gatos

Are You Feeling The Toxic Effects Of Your Diet And The Environment We Live In? Energeia's 2012, 28 Day Detox has begun! This is the second year that Energeia Team Members have engaged in a 28- Day commitment to detoxify and cleanse our bodies.  For more information about the detox, please visit our blog at

Energeia Online Documents:
28 Day Detox and Sports Nutrition Notes

Energeia members can now log in to view (and print) the 28 day detox PDF as well as the upcoming Sports Nutrition lecture notes. Simply login to our website using your email and password then click on "useful files" to find the 40 Nutrition Tips, the 28 Days to Detox and the Sports Nutrition notes. If you do not know your password, you can enter the email you used to register for Energeia and use the "forgot my password" tool and a new password will be sent to you.

Energeia Welcomes Charlotte Mooney, Head Trainer, Energeia Boot Camp Malibu 

Charlotte began her professional career six years ago and has led classes at different gyms and athletic centers across the western United States. From Colorado to California, Charlotte has used her skills and passion for fitness to help many people create a healthier and more fit lifestyle. With Malibu as a home base, Charlotte is passionate about helping the Southern California community reach their physical and wellness goals. Currently, Charlotte is the student Fitness Manager at Pepperdine University, while continuing her education in health and exercise science. In April 2013, she will earn a B.A. in Sports Medicine from Pepperdine University. This will allow her to continue pursuing a career in the fitness industry, while providing her clients the best tools and education available for their health. Energeia is thrilled to add this talented new addition to our team of fitness professionals.

Gold's Gym, Grand Junction, Colorado Successfully Launches Energeia Boot Camp! Gold's Gym, Grand Junction has successfully launched their new Energeia Boot Camp program. Group Fitness Manager Traeana Tripoli and Director of Fitness, Josh McGuire have had great success in creating an amazing new Energeia Boot Camp program for their clients. With 9 new Energeia certified trainers, the Grand Junction Energeia Boot Camp program is going viral.  Way to go Gold's Gym, Grand Junction!!

Robin Gizzi, NPC Masters National Body Building Competitor, Offers Customized Nutrition Services and One to One Meal Planning 

Do you want to get lean and trim? Consider a weight management consultation with nutrition expert and fitness competitor, Robin Gizzi.

Weight Management Services*

Energeia's weight management services begin with an initial consultation with champion body builder, Robin Gizzi, to collect personal profile data about your current body composition, goals, professional activity, exercise activity, and eating habits. From this data she will provide the following:

  • Estimated number of calories you typically consume
  • Identify deficiencies in vitamins and minerals
  • Estimated calories needed to meet your personal weight control goals
  • Provide meal plans and grocery lists designed to meet your health and fitness goals
  • Establish a realistic date to reach your targeted body weight goal

*Additional cost to membership fees

For more information about these services or to set up an appointment, please contact Lisa Evert at (408) 337-2673.

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Energeia Registration
You must be registered online through the website in order to participate in any Energeia Boot Camp class.  This includes trial members and free introductory classes.  Please contact the office at (408) 337-2673 if you have any questions or need assistance with the online registration process.

Gluten Free for Sports Performance

What do Zooey Deschanel, Jenny McCarthy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham all have in common? They have all gone gluten free. Drew Brees does it. So does the entire Garmin-Transitions pro cycling team. Novak Djokovic credited his U.S. Open tennis win to his gluten-free diet. And now that gluten has captured the attention of the sports world, many are getting rid of it to gain an athletic advantage.

But what is gluten, and more importantly, should we really be eliminating it from our diets?

The average healthy person has no problem digesting and absorbing the proteins that form gluten. These proteins are naturally present in many grains, including wheat. We cannot see, taste or smell gluten, and we can live perfectly healthy lives without ever consuming it. In fact, many nutrient rich foods are naturally gluten free including, fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, lean proteins, dairy, eggs and some whole grains including brown rice and quinoa. Since the proteins that form gluten allow for strong crusty breads and tall cakes and muffins, gluten is present in most baked, refined and processed carbohydrates. 

When people have an autoimmune condition called celiac disease, or if they have a gluten sensitivity, the intestines are unable to draw nutrients into the circulatory system, leading to malnourishment and a host of health complications such as fatigue, osteoporosis and certain cancers.

Gluten and Athletic Performance

Athletes who suffer from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity must eliminate gluten from their diets. This dietary change allows the immune system to rest and properly absorb nutrients, resulting in improved performance and muscle repair.

On the other hand, healthy athletes with no gluten sensitivity draw no inherent advantage from going gluten-free so long as they maintain a high-quality diet that restricts the consumption of processed and refined carbohydrates. That is the key: Since gluten exists primarily in wheat and refined wheat is found in most low-nutrient processed food, eliminating gluten removes a lot of potential junk food from the diet. This dietary improvement--not the lack of gluten--is what makes athletes or anyone else feel and perform better.

Ultimately, there isn't any conclusive evidence that gluten-free enhances athletic performance. But it is a good way to focus your diet on high-quality, nutrient dense foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Because popular grains such as wheat and barley would be eliminated, your diet would be introduced to a new variety of nutrient-rich whole grains like protein-packed quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, brown and wild rice, corn and millet.