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Jan 11, 2012 6:01am

A quick Internet search with your favorite search engine will reveal as many boot camps as there are different exercises. However, both broad selections have something in common, for all their differences: they’re designed to increase your health, endurance, strength or agility, to some degree.

They do this by putting us through a disciplined and structured exercise program designed to maximize the benefits available to the individual in a relatively short period of time. Obviously, with different starting points, each person will also have a different finishing point at the end of the boot camp.  Ideally, of course, the finish of the boot camp will mark the beginning of a meaningful maintenance program.

But you need an EDGE!

How can a few days of exercise give you an edge?

Evaluation – each individual should be evaluated regarding their starting ability and placed in a group of similar subjects. If you’re struggling to knock out your third set while your neighbor is whizzing along at twice the pace without breaking a sweat, it’s not exactly encouraging.

Diet – this doesn’t mean just calorie-counting, although your caloric intake should be monitored and controlled. But certain types of food should be pushed and others avoided, depending upon the level and type of exercises you’ll be doing.

Goals – knowing your weaknesses and desires is an important part of planning the appropriate program to achieve them. A 20% increase in upper body strength is nothing to scoff at, but if your main goal was to firm up your legs…

Execution– programming the right exercises, in the right rotation, with the right duration… this is where the magic happens! It’s not an art, it’s a science. When your program is properly tailored to your abilities and goals, you’ll be able to tell, very quickly.

Following the above elements, your boot camp trainer will be able to help you achieve results that you may have thought you didn’t have the ability for.

Boot camp isn’t always about pushing yourself to the maximum and beyond. But it is about pushing yourself to some degree. And the benefits are many.

You’ll find that as you progress, you’ll have more endurance, both in terms of muscular ability and in not becoming winded so easily. You’ll also find that you’ll develop more strength in the muscles you’re working. Your balance and agility will improve, as well, and you’ll likely find your posture improving somewhat by the end of the camp.

With all that, will also come an increased self-confidence, as you realize that you’ve risen to the challenge and achieved what you may have seen as impossible just a few days before. That will give you confidence to keep pushing forward and realize even higher levels for yourself.

When you’ve finished your boot camp, you’ll feel stronger, healthier and more confident than you may have felt in a long while. Keep those feelings alive (and increasing!) by continuing your exercise regimen on a regular basis.

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misoprostol 800 mcg The BMW Masters is followed by next week's HSBC WGC Champions, also in Shanghai, and then by the Turkish Open. The top 60 on the Race to Dubai standings after the event on the Mediterranean qualify to play in Dubai, although as Donald noted there is an extra stipulation this year.
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