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Dec 23, 2011 6:01am

Interval training is a training technique that has been used by professional athletes for many years. Only recently, however, has it become a popular method for those trying to lose weight. Essentially, it is varying periods of intense exertion, between recovery periods of low intensity activity or even complete rest.

For athletes, its particular advantage is that it results in cardiovascular buildup, with the attendant increase of stamina. For those attempting to lose weight, the intense workout intervals offer a high degree of fat burn-off as a result of the boost to the metabolism.

Weight loss interval techniques can vary greatly, depending upon the condition of the subject. As with any strenuous exercise, the subject should first be approved by their doctor for the program. Then their trainer can lay out a schedule and the type of exercise, in accordance with the target.

In essence, the intense interval will be a period of near maximum exertion, followed by a recovery period, the cycle being repeated several times. Some variations, such as pyramidal interval training, may gradually increase the duration of the intense interval over several cycles, up to a maximum duration, and then gradually decrease them, over several more cycles, until the regimen is completed.

Obviously, the recovery intervals are intended to allow the individual to complete more intense intervals without becoming exhausted. A simple exercise program might be as follows:

  1. 3 minutes warm-up (low intensity)
  2. 1 minute moderate or high intensity
  3. 1 minute low intensity
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 six to eight times
  5. 3 minutes cool down (low intensity, decreasing gradually toward the end of the cool down period)

The benefits of such a program to lose weight are intense, as well. The heightened metabolism caused by the intense intervals results in a high degree of conversion of fat to energy. The recovery intervals are sufficient to allow the individual to catch their breath and “recharge” for another burst, but not sufficient for the metabolism to return to at-rest levels.

Thus, the program outlined above will result in a fat burn-off period of 15-20 minutes, even though the maximum exertion time totals less than half that.

Other variations of interval training for weight loss may include “walk back sprinting” where one sprints a certain distance and then walks a similar distance before repeating the cycle. The same can be done with essentially any exercise that one is suited for, such as bicycling or swimming.

As one progresses with their interval training program, they will find that they tire less during the intense portion of their program. Their boot camp trainer may adjust the intensity of those periods, or simply extend them somewhat, in order to maximize the effects. It is extremely important, however, that the recovery periods NOT be extended, as if the body’s metabolism begins to return to the normal, lower level, most of the impact can be lost. In such a case, for instance, doubling the recovery periods could result in a fat burn-off time of only four or five minutes out of the 20-30 minutes used, because the metabolism needs to re-elevate at the start of each intense interval. To a subject attempting to lose weight, the lack of results can quickly cause them to lose confidence in interval training as an effective method of reaching their goal.

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by Thepz on Apr 8, 2012 10:52pm
I definitely do HIIT & what I cal Jody aevnrtils.. my own version. I do credit aevnrtils with helping to push me past some really bad perimenopause hormone stages & still helps me now.Saying that, I also do some steady state & other varieties of cardio. As we all know, can't do that HIIT every day or we would be mush & probably injured! That is why I developed my Jody aevnrtils which is pushing my self pretty dang hard but it is not HIIT. It is based on how I am feeling as I work out so each time may be different.
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