"I Noticed a Change in My Body Shape"
"This boot camp has been so great for me. It's a very supportive environment. Everyone is friendly and is there for the common..." - read more
Chris Wetra, Los Gatos, CA
"I Feel Stronger and More Fit"
"Fantastic bootcamp! Classes are relatively small (compared to the other bootcamps I see at the Campbell track) and Jen is a great..." - read more
Cassandra Thomassin, Santa Clara, CA
"My Strength and Endurance has Increased Significantly"
"Energeia Boot Camp and Jen have helped me achieve amazing fitness results in just 3 months!! My goal wasn’t to lose weight but..." - read more
Laura Gregersen, Santa Clara, CA
"Insanity and P90X watch out because you have met your match"
"As a full time working mom and mother of 3, my time is precious. If you want to see your body transformed in ways you can't..." - read more
Cheryl James,
"No Doubt the Best"
"There's often a significant gap between where we perceive our limits and where they actually lie. Jen has an amazing ability to..." - read more
Greg Randuch, Campbell, CA
"One of the Hardest and Fun Workouts I've Ever Had"
"Jen's the best! Her personality, experience, and drive make her cross training class one of the hardest (and fun!) workouts I've..." - read more
Jon Granrose, Sunnyvale, CA
"A World of Difference"
"The 6am class that Mark teaches at Saratoga High is awesome. Mark is very motivating, cheerful and kind. I like that he gets..." - read more
Jeff Beyers, Saratoga, CA
"Take ones workout boundaries to the next level"
"Jennifer from Energeia boot camp has a great passion for fitness and her programs reflect every bit of it. Unlike other programs..." - read more
Santosh Hedge, San Jose, CA
"You Rock!"
"Every morning I get up wondering what's in store for us at bootcamp, I go in the morning totally exhausted but its totally worth..." - read more
Denae Tomasovitch, San Jose, CA
"By the end of a month I was running three miles without a problem"
"LOVED Jen's Boot Camp so much. It changed my body in the six weeks I attended before I moved to a different city (I was so sad to..." - read more
Ariel Johnson, Pacific Grove, CA
"Feel Energized for Work"
"Wow!! Energeia took over our bootcamp at Saratoga High School, after Plus One left us. I am amazed!!! Mark is an awesome trainer..." - read more
Chris Bean, Saratoga, CA
"I was a total fitness weenie a month ago, today I am an athlete"
"After a month of boot camp with Jen (and Robin), I am absolutely amazed at my fitness results. While I haven't lost any weight ..." - read more
Cat Frecceri, San Jose, CA

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